Fungal diseases of the olive during the flowering-fruiting period

Fungal diseases of the olive during the flowering-fruiting period

The end of winter and spring is the right time to take care of our garden and pots, so that the coming summer and autumn will be full of colors and fragrances!

In the following list we will refer to the main types of spring planting.

Bulbous plants are the most suitable option to give a variety of colors to the space, planting them either in empty places, or around the perimeter of other larger plants.

A beautiful plant that impresses with its large colorful flowers.
It is one of the most beautiful and impressive bulbs with large and impressive flowers on long and long flowering stems.
They impress in gardens, flower beds as well as on terraces in pots. They have the ability to put out roots and grow in jars of water giving us amorphous flowers and colors inside the house.
Indicatively, you will find some amaryllis below in the category bulbs – amateur folders-flowers.




Lilies are among the most beloved bulbous flowers that give us wonderful flowering with their large and impressive lilies. Lily flowers come in a variety of cup, bell or trumpet shapes and come in many colors from white and pink to orange, red and yellow. Most lilies bloom in the summer and are an excellent choice for planting in a pot, as well as creating a wonderful colorful backdrop in our garden.

Lilium lilies are ideal flowers to decorate in a vase in our living room and office, as they can be kept for at least 2-3 weeks.

Indicatively, you will find some liliums below in the category bulbs – amateur files-flowers.




Gladiolus is a bulbous flower that is planted in spring and blooms in summer. It stands out for its sword-shaped, pointed leaves, green in color, and for its impressive flowers, arranged lengthwise on a flowering stem that in some varieties exceeds one meter.

Gladiolus flowers come in a wide variety of colors with various shades such as white, yellow, violet, purple, red and orange, as well as two-color gladiolus varieties.
Indicatively, you will find some gladioli below in the category bulbs – amateur folders-flowers.




Double begonias:
Begonia, also known as begonia or vigonia, is a favorite ornamental plant that is mainly planted in pots in the yard and on the balcony, as well as in hanging baskets. A low-growing flower, usually reaching a height of 40-50 cm, the begonia is characterized by bright green, glossy foliage and many small pink or white flowers.
Indicatively, you will find some begonias below in the category bulbs – amateur files-flowers.




We will meet dahlia varieties with different flower shapes and sizes, as well as in incredible colors, from white, cream, yellow, to pink, purple, orange, red, and even dark red that is almost black.

Dahlias are one of the most impressive flowers that we can plant in the garden and in a pot on the balcony, offering a feast of colors, which is why they have loyal fans who grow them fanatically every year. The beautiful dahlia flowers are also an extremely popular choice for vase decoration.
Indicatively, you will find some dahlias below in the category bulbs – amateur folders-flowers.




Calla lilies are favorite bulbous plants with striking flowers, the lilies, which usually appear in summer or spring in warmer regions.
The best known variety of calla is the one with white flowers, it blooms in spring.
There are many more beautiful calla varieties with striking colors such as yellow, pink, purple, red and even purple flowers.