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Poseidon Bean (P.V.) F1 25kg

60-70 day old mullet. Pod green, about 2 cm x 16 cm. Seed white. Productive even in the heat. Tolerance : BCMV, PS, CL

Lettuce LINOY 5.000 Pills

Lettuce LINOY 5,000 Pelletized Seeds

Summer Lettuce COS ALISIA 5.000 Pills


Summer Lettuce COS ALISIA (ALANIS) 5.000 Pelletized Seeds

Zucchini hybrid Round Beauty F1

Zucchini hybrid Round Beauty F1. Envelope of 50 grams.

Fine Leaved Basil (Greco a Palla)

It is grown under shade so that it does not form seeds quickly. Packaging 10gr.  About 700 seeds per gram

Spinach Molokai F1 (100,000 seeds)

Sow in spring and summer. Medium to dark color, uniform, round lamina, large thickness and upright growth. Also suitable for

Fawn fescue lawn 500gr

Variety suitable for sunny and warm areas. Very resistant to high temperatures, drought and cold.• Coarse-leaved variety with a dark green color • Excellent drought tolerance • Extremely fast development • Made in USA

Watermelon Hybrid Samantha F1 UG

Watermelon hybrid Samantha F1 UG. Bag of 50 seeds.