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POWER-4 (Trace Element Blend)

Special foliar preparation of trace elements in chelated form for prevention and treatment of malnutrition. POWER-4 contains all the necessary elements that all types of crops need and in such a proportion and form that it immediately gives excellent results.Composition: Iron (Fe) 4% w/w EDTA Magnesium (Mg) 5.43% w/w Manganese (Mn) 4% w/w EDTA Zinc (Zn) 1.5% w/w EDTA Copper (Cu) 1.5% w/w EDTA Cobalt (Co) 0.05% w/w EDTA Boron (B) 0.5% w/w Molybdenum (Mo) 0.1% w/w

Solution for Blue Hydrangeas Gemma Blauwmaker 75 gr

Special solution that turns or keeps hydrangeas blue.Paint the hydrangeas blue!Special aluminum product designed for hydrangeas.Product descriptionFor best results, apply Blaumaker in spring (just before flowering) and fall.When planting a hydrangea in the spring, the total dose (autumn and spring) can be applied all at once.Note that some varieties the deepest color they can have is lilac while others like Annabelle, always retain their original original color, white.75 gr package from a box of many pieces.

Best 27-10-06+2MgO+1,5B+0,5Zn+3LGS 10kg

Best 27-10-06 + 2MgO + 1,5B + 0,5Zn + 3LGS is a crystalline fertilizer ideal for spraying or for application through irrigation systems.

Phosphorous fertilizer Natura Phosphorum (bio) 1lt

Liquid fertilizer suitable for adding phosphorus.