Attapulgite and uses in animal husbandry

Attapulgite and uses in animal husbandry

Attapulgite is a unique clay mineral with a wide variety of industrial uses.

The special grade of attapulgite that offers animals a healthier environment through the effective reduction of ammonia emissions and volatile compounds released is distinguished in the AXORB® product line which absorbs moisture, neutralizes ammonia and volatile compounds and protects newborn animals from skin infections. Through the new antibacterial formula with silver ions (EU PATENT EP2489269, OBI 1007659), it offers enhanced protection against pathogenic microorganisms, enhancing the level of animal and building hygiene.
In addition, AXORB®-F ​​Willow, a special natural bedding improver for pigs, chickens and animals of high milk production capacity, which offers rapid absorption of moisture and disinfection of the animal’s skin and excrement. The AXORB®-F ​​Willow product integrates the GEOELLAS odor attack technology and contains the new special Advanced Science formula for specialized elimination of strong odors.
The line of bedding improvement products offers value-added solutions to meet the needs of customers in farms and service companies.

Ατταπουλγίτης AXORB 20kg

Ατταπουλγίτης , AXORB F WILLOW 25Kg

Antifungal products

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), mycotoxins are natural toxins that can be produced by certain fungi present in animal feed according to storage conditions or prevailing climatic conditions. Mycotoxins, which cause many adverse effects, can pose a serious threat to the health status of animals. Also, many published studies conclude that mycotoxins can reduce the nutritional value of feed resulting in very poor animal husbandry performance, as well as reduced animal health status. The SANFED® Ultra range of products based on mechanically and thermally treated attapulgite can provide enhanced hydrophilic (anti-diarrheal) and oleophilic (toxin binding) action. The SANFED® Ultra range of products is capable of binding even the most difficult mycotoxins without using any additives and at the lowest possible dose.

Ατταπουλγίτης, SANFED-ULTRA 20kg

Technical Care
GEOELLA’s Attapulgitis is a weapon for the digestive health of animals.

Attapulgite, the rarest of the aluminosilicate minerals, given its high absorption and adsorption capacity, is widely used in the nutrition of productive animals. The GEOELLAS production unit in Grevena, with a capacity of 140,000 MT, by applying “strengthening” techniques, enhances the surface properties of attapulgite, which are extremely important in the development of strong bonds between toxins.

The absorptive capacity of attapulgite
Attapulgite is used in the nutrition of productive animals to bind and remove mycotoxins from feed, but also as a protector of the gastrointestinal tract, binding toxins, toxigenic bacteria, but also reducing diarrhea and mortality in newborn and weaned animals. The synergies of attapulgite with probiotics (Saccharomyces Cere-visiae) for digestive health and oregano essential oils to strengthen the immune system and antimicrobial action, also lead to an improvement in the performance of productive animals even under difficult conditions.

Attapulgite production in Grevena

The 140,000 MT capacity GEOELLAS production unit, applying “dynamization” techniques (extrusion from an extruder, thermal activation at temperatures >200°C and grinding in an air mill under high air pressure) enhances the surface properties of attapulgite, which are extremely important in development of strong bonds with enterotoxins of bacteria such as E. Coli and Cl. Perfringens and toxins produced by fungi due to poor preservation of feed or grain. As a consequence, it protects the intestinal epithelium of the animals, thus offering an enhanced digestive safety and a high level of health.

Synergies of Greek Attapulgite with probiotics and oregano essential oils

An example of enteric prophylaxis of piglets is given below: A series of E.Coli bacteria type 0157:H7 was added at various concentrations: 10, 102, 104 and 106, to piglet enterocytes (IPEC-J2), in the presence and absence of various strains of Hellenic attapulgite ( which corresponds to a dosage of addition to food at 3 Kg/MT).

Third generation Greek Attapulgite shows a protective effect compared to the control, increasing by 21% the number of surviving enterocytes in the presence of E.Coli at a concentration of 10/ml, while at high concentrations of 106/ml of E.Coli it increases the survival