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Gravital Energy

Gravital Energy is a Silicon Biostimulator, compatible with Organic Agriculture standards.An industrially prepared, ultra pure silicon (92% w/w SiO2) formulation, high availability of orthosilicic acid and no crystalline silicon.

Cu Complex 5lt

Copper based fertilizer solution.

Ecocide 1L

Ecocide is a blend of essential oils that strengthens plants's defenses against natural enemies. It is a completely natural product that can be applied until harvest. It contains natural active substances suitable so that the plant can not be attacked by natural enemies.The product works indirectly by preventing reproduction. In addition, Ecocide acts as an insect repellent while preventing the nutrition and growth of insectsRecommendation Karanja Oil ..... 65% Brassica junicia ..... 7.5% Garlic Distillate ..... 1%

Remedier biological fungicide

Organic fungicide for the prevention of diseases from soil fungi Guaranteed composition: Trichoderma asperellum strain ICC012 2% w/w Trichoderma gamsii strain ICC080 2% w/w Minimum total concentration in CFU *: 3x10 ^ 7/g. Excipients: 96% w/w * CFU = Units of formed colonies

Sulfo copper 40sc 200cc (copper 20% + sulfur 20%)

Concentrated copper suspension (in the form of oxychloride) Approved for organic farming (according to EC regulation no. 889/2008)

Geo Humus (Organic humus from earthworms)

Organic Humus from the treatment of special earthworms, red California worms (Red Worms) of the varieties Eisenia fetida and Eisenia andrei. Soil Fertilizer, necessary in transplants, to enhance the microbial flora of the soil organic matter and the growth of I.A.K. Very strong load of beneficial microorganisms. HUMUS geo is a natural fertilizer, rich in natural ingredients and easily assimilated by all plants.