Ways – Shipping Costs

There are the following possibilities for sending the products of your order:

Via ACS courier, where the invoicing is the current price list of ACS and concerns delivery to the shipping address. If the shipping address is in one of the Inaccessible Destinations, as listed on the ACS website, then shipping is to the nearest ACS store.
Via transport in Athens at a cost of € 3 per 15 kg and with the possibility of transfer to a transport company that you will indicate to us. For the additional cost from Athens to the place of destination, the customer makes the arrangement.
Possibility of receipt from the store.

Shipping costs are:

For the area of ​​Kalamata with PC 24134 or 24133 or 24132 or 24131 or 24100:
for a total weight of up to 8 kg and a total value of 61 € and over is free
for the remaining orders, a shipment is made with a charge of € 2.2 for the first 2 kilos and € 0.6 for each additional kilo.
For the rest of the land destinations are:
Free shipping for purchases from 61 € and up with ACS for total weights up to 8 kg and free delivery-transfer to Athens for more kg *
Shipping with ACS with a charge of € 2.3 for the first 2 kilos and 0.7 for each additional kilo.
With Athens transport with a charge of 3 € per 15 kg.
For island destinations:
Free shipping for purchases with a total weight of 61 € and over and a total weight of up to 8 kg.
Shipping with ACS with a charge of € 2.4 for the first 2 kilos and a charge of € 0.8 for each additional kilo.

* it is possible to transfer to another agency of your choice for a destination outside Athens.