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Siltrac SL 100cc

Super wetting and anti-foaming agent belonging to the category of organosilicone wetting agents and designed to improve the dispersion of the spray liquid on the sprayed surface.Guaranteed composition: 21% w/w polyalkyleneoxide modified heptamethyltrisiloxane

Gravital Energy

Gravital Energy is a Silicon Biostimulator, compatible with Organic Agriculture standards.An industrially prepared, ultra pure silicon (92% w/w SiO2) formulation, high availability of orthosilicic acid and no crystalline silicon.

LITOSEN PLUS SL cv. 20x500ml (sodium p-nitrophenolate 0.9%)

Production enhancement hormone - Fruit setting hormoneBox packaging 20pcs, 500ml

Sulfo copper 40sc (copper 20% + sulfur 20%)

Concentrated suspension of copper (in the form of oxychloride) Approved for organic farming (according to EC regulation no. 889/2008)

Limocide (orange oil 5.7%)

Contact insecticide, acaricide and fungicide based on Aurantii dulcis extract.