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Advion Ant Gel 5gr

Advion Ant Gel Ant Bait contains a new active ingredient, indoxacarb, which is bio-activated to its highly insecticidal form by the metabolism of ants. It combines the proven performance of indoxacarb with a formulation that is highly attractive to ants to provide broad spectrum high ant control.Composition: 0.05% indoxacarb

Decis Trap (20 traps)

Ready-to-use attract & kill trap to combat the Mediterranean fly (Ceratitis capitata) in tree crops, vines and tropical fruits using the mass trapping method. The trap relies on the release of food attractants into the environment and the aim is for the insect to come into contact with the inner surface of the trap, which is impregnated with a pyrethrinoid insecticide (deltamethrin).Composition: deltamethrin 0.015 g/trap Auxiliary attractants: 8.33 g/trap

Duracid Spray Aerosol Insecticide

Contact and stomach pyrethrinoid insecticide for the control of houseflies, wasps, ants and oriental cockroaches indoors. Spray up to 4 meters awayGuaranteed Composition: Cypermethrin 0.12% w/w Tetramethrin 0.25% w/w Piperonyl butoxide 1.25% w/w Excipients 98.27%

Dragon Gel bait for Cockroaches 10gr

Special GEL bait which destroys the cockroach nest. It is used indoors. Suitable for amateur use.Guaranteed composition: Imidacloprid: 2.15 % w/w Excipients: 97.78 % w/w

Duracid Insecticide Powder 1kg

Ready-to-use powder insecticide to combat walking insects of health importance such as fleas, cockroaches, ants, etc. It is applied by the method of application. Active: cypermethrin 0.6% w/w

K-Othrine 25 SC

Insecticide for the control of walking insects, including cockroaches, as well as the house fly.

K-Othrine 250 WG

Insecticide for walking insects (cockroaches, ants), flying insects (flies, mosquitoes, storage insects) and spiders.Guaranteed Composition: deltamethrin 25% w/w Excipients: 74.62% w/w